3 in 1 Nested Cutting Board - Bamboo

3 in 1 Nested Cutting Board - Bamboo


Our 3 In 1 Nested Cutting Boards unique designs allow the boards to maintain the proper balance while chopping the raw food material. Because of the efficacious arrangement of the boards, it allows the greater cutting area at your fingertips. Levitare 3-in-1 nested cutting boards are perfect for chopping the meat, vegetables and making the drinks!

This high-quality Bamboo Cutting Board for Sale is made up of only premium quality bamboo which is completely free from any toxin material and is highly durable and safe to use. Unlike the plastic cutting boards, it won’t dull the razor sharpness of your kitchen knives. Our nested cutting bamboo boards are easy to clean, store and enhance your efficiency. Order today!

$45.00 + Shipping


Solid Wood Construction - US Patent #D719413S. 

Approximate sizes:

Large board      14x14x2-3/8 inches 

Medium board    11-1/2x11-1/2x1-1/2 inches

Small board        9x9x3/4     inches



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